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Sentry Protection Products is a leader in manufacturing and marketing impact resistant products for industrial and parking applications. The Park Sentry® line – featuring Park Sentry Square, Park Sentry Round and Park Sentry Wall System – is the original minimal footprint bump-n-go column protector designed to reduce or eliminate damage that occurs from vehicle-column collisions. Where high density parking is necessary and column-vehicle interaction is unavoidable, Park Sentry can minimize costly repairs and insurance claims. The products are highly visible, easily installed and customizable. Made of ARPRO® , the same high performance material used in automobile bumper systems, Park Sentry combines the scratch resistant properties of surface protectors with energy absorbing materials to form a comprehensive damage reduction system. Manufactured in the United States, Sentry’s patented product line also includes Column Sentry®, Rack Sentry®, Concrete Wrap™, Corner Sentry™ and Collision Sentry®. For additional information, visit

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