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Rid Odor Enterprises is Complete odor elimination company our focus when it comes to the products we create. Our line of products can be sprayed directly onto clothing or any other porous surfaces and will continue to work long after the product has dried. Rid Odor products destroy malodor molecules resulting from all types of organic substances such as: food, coffee, milk, soda spills, urine, body, pet, tobacco, skunk, mold and mildew odors and much more. RentFresh is a new odor elimination product from Rid Odor, specially formulated for the rental car markets to eliminate odors such as cigar and cigarette smoke, body odor, food, spilled beverages, mildew, foul-smelling air vents and much, much more. The product is specifically designed to be used in all types of vehicles. RentFresh also gets rid of that nasty, stale-smelling odor which lingers long after cigar and cigarette smokers have left. RentFresh is scented with a light and pleasant fragrance which is not over-powering. Benefits of using RentFresh : Totally eliminates organic odors and will not return unless reintroduced. The active ingredient in RentFresh continues to work after it is dry. • The active ingredient will immediately start to work on odors. • An economical solution to your odor problems. • RentFresh has a pleasant and fresh fragrance. • RentFresh is an eco-friendly and biodegradable product. • Quick, easy and convenient to use. Directions for use: • Spray 3-4 sprays in every car after vacuuming. Smoking Vehicles: Treat the seatbelt*, cloth seats, headliner, floorboard, A/C Return and the trunk. *Seatbelts carry a majority of the smoke odor, so make sure to extend it and treat with RentFresh . • Allow sufficient time for RentFresh to take effect.

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