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At TranSubro, we specialize in finding money buried in the files of our clients and assisting our clients in making their auto claims profitable. Our file review always nets significant additional collections from closed cases. Even property damage claims that have been closed can be re-opened in order to collect loss of use, deductibles and diminished value. As an attorney, We have researched these issues and come up with some very solid case law that the insurance companies don’t want you to know about. After we conduct our review, most of our clients then use our services end to end. Obviously it is in our mutual interest to maximize property damage collections and we are quite proficient in doing so. Insurance companies know TranSubro and we have been able to develop relationships with many. Total loss? No problem. In addition to the replacement value of the car, we collect for the hacking costs including decals, radios and GPS transfer to name a few. I would be happy to arrange a visit to your facility to take a look at your files. In addition to finding money “in your trash can”, we can usually offer some suggestions on improving the efficiency of your claims processing procedures. We also offer partial and complete operational audits. All of our collection services are performed at no out of pocket cost to you. We simply earn a percentage of whatever we collect. All of our work is strictly confidential. None of your private information will be shared with insurance companies. You have nothing to lose and so very much to gain,references are available. Please visit our website,, Contact us Today, Even the call is free 888-659-2204. Kevin Lowry, President 516-341-7256

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