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Power inverter Inc. is a leader among inverter manufacturer. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. Power inverter Inc. is a china inverter company located in Shenzhen. Our company concentrates on inverter design and inverter manufacture. The main products are car inverter, home inverter, pure sine wave inverter, 12v to 220v inverter and so on. Power inverters have a wide variety of designs, capabilities, and features. Understanding their differences can be as simple as dividing them into two groups based on their cost.As far as the sine wave converters go, I wouldn't concern myself with it unless maybe you have some expensive music equipment like Robert mentioned. Most things that you will need an inverter for in a truck will operate just fine on the regular inverters. To get a sine wave inverter you will be spending a lot more money. I was a licensed master electrician in my former life, and I too looked into the sine wave inverters, but realized that there was not sufficient reason to go with them in the truck.

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